Participant Stories

Brian’s Story

My name is Brian and I’m a local Yeperenye man living in Alice Springs.  I love music and writing songs. When I was younger I used to live in the Amoonguna community where I have lots of happy memories. I then lived in Little Sisters camp, as well as with my Dad at a homeland in Kings Canyon National Park. In 1988 my dad got some musical equipment which started my journey with music and kept me out of trouble.

I have known MHACA for a long time and remember when MHACA was just starting out. MHACA has helped me a lot, there’s nice people who are supportive and who generally care. MHACA has helped me to speak out about all of my problems, to let out all the bad stuff and take in the good stuff. Whilst there is negative things, I like to look at the positive things in life.

I like the group activities at MHACA and enjoy interacting with people. It makes me feel happy on the inside. I like the fun and jokes at MHACA and I like the music program. MHACA is a happy and peaceful place, a good place to be.

I like where MHACA is now and I hope that it will stay for a long time and help lots of people with mental health problems.

I forward to a bright future, a happy future for everyone who comes to MHACA and for myself and my family.



Tiffany’s Story

The NDIS support coordination team has helped me in a good way. When I was depressed, when I was not happy, when I was emotional, when everything was hard at first. MHACA helps me with lots of things, including getting the stuff I really need.

The best thing about MHACA is that we can talk about anything, when we want to really get it out there instead of keeping it in all of the time. Sometimes you don’t know what is happening, but then with support you can see what’s happening now.

My hopes for the future is to return home and just enjoy my life.

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